The Current Front Runners Of The US Election


If you have been watching the news lately, you would realize that there is quite a bit of politics been on show. On both the Democratic and Republican sides, some front runners are currently leading the pack. There used to be a definitive leader on both sides, but things have dramatically changed. Let’s look at who the front runners are right now, and why things have shifted, as a result of events that have recently transpired.

Front Runners On The Republican Side

Although it was once all about Donald Trump, the person that seem to be leading the Republican Party by double digits, things have recently changed. There have been some events that have led people to favor Ted Cruz, which is a game-changer, to say the least. In third place is an individual by the name of Marco Rubio, who at one point seem to be a candidate for dropping out of the race altogether. But he has made a resurgence, whereas others such as Fiorina, Christie, and Paul have dropped out of the contest entirely. Until a few more weeks can pass, and we can let the dust settle proverbially, we will not know if Donald Trump is truly the front runner for the Republican Party at this time.

Front Runners On The Democratic Side


There have only been two front-runners on the Democratic side that have ever in meaningful. These candidates include Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both of which are in a dead heat. There seem to be a lot of favoritism toward Clinton, which may have come from her famous name, as well as her husband having been president of the United States years ago. However, there is no clear sign as to which of these candidates will be the winner for the Democratic Party. We will simply have to wait and see.