Republican Party’s Strategy For Elections

Republicans are hoping to regain the presidency, and it has been a rough eight years for them. Barack Obama has kept a stranglehold of the elections, and it is now his time to move on. So, the Republican party has been hoping to swoop in and just take over what they feel is theirs to take. Organizations such as NAR USA are looking to represent the voice of Republicans without being attached to a specific politician.

What is their strategy to woo people and get those crucial votes that Obama was taking from them?

Growing The Fear

Fear is the way their politics have been managed whether it was on purpose or not. Their creation of fear is necessary because it is the Democrats who are leading right now. Fear is created through what Obama’s administration did and what Sanders/Clinton might do.

This fear helps create intrigue.



Dividing others is visible through most of the debates that have gone on and it is a clear strategic move that is currently utilized. The idea is to divide the masses and have them vote based on what they might be assuming about other cultural groups. It has been done for years, and it does work.

The idea is to showcase everyone as being odd and fanning those fears.

Flushing out fears is how Republicans have been treading close to some interesting theories about minorities, and it has led to significant protests as well.

This strategy is how the Republican party hopes to get votes, and they have been getting some interest with their ploy. Will it take them all the way to the top when a presidential candidate is nominated from their side? It is yet to be seen, but it could lead to a close race if they do it right and don’t cross the line.

They have been toeing it for now with Trump often going over, but it could get people interested.